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April 11-12, 2020

Louisville, Kentucky

Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

Seminar Investment $485.00

Partial scholarships available

Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: Basic, and Advanced.


We will explore 8 ways to 'dig' down the rabbit hole so you can use your skills from any angle to support your client or yourself. There will be several demonstrations, a great deal of practice and caring support.  Ready to play?


This seminar is designed to get all ThetaHealers® well trained in this essential technique, to give you the solid grounding, and tips you need so you are confident at digging to find your clients key core beliefs. Unless we can successfully identify the true heart and origin of the problem you won't know what beliefs to change. It can also mean that the changes you make may only be temporary, and un-cleared negative beliefs can be barriers to true healing. 

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Practitioners Manual