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Basic and Advanced DNA

Become Confident in the Digging and Belief work, one of the main concepts in the ThetaHealing Technique.


​In the Dig Deeper Seminar, we will expand on all you’ve learned in the Basic and Advanced DNA seminars. You’ll have greater clarity, confidence, and understanding of how to uncover, identify, dig, and clear beliefs albeit within yourself or your clients to achieve profound results.

Upon completion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion and be certified as a Dig Deeper ThetaHealing Practitioner. At this time you’ll and have completed the three foundational ThetaHealing seminars, which open the doors to becoming a ThetaHealing instructor should you choose, or maybe you’d like to continue on taking classes that are more advanced and require the complete understanding of the 3 foundation class. It's all up to you. You will have the option to be featured on the ThetaHealing company website as a Dig Deeper practitioner if you so choose.

  • Understand the psychology of ThetaHealing and the process for creating change.

  • Clarifying different muscle testing techniques and how to use the most effective way of muscle testing to gain optimum results.

  • Digging work on the past, present, and future.

  • How our genetics could negatively influence what we may be currently experiencing and creating in our lives.

  • Understand the importance of learned languages and how to work with your client's unique background.

  • Learn how and why every negative belief has a positive reason for keeping it in place.

  • Understand positive downloads with a negative result.

  • What to do when a client doesn’t heal.

  • Learn how to apply the 3 R’s; resentment, regret, and rejection to facilitate your healings.

  • Learn the art of self-belief work.

  • Gain deeper knowledge and understanding of how to work efficiently and effectively with the 10 digging techniques and shortcuts.

  • You’ll be practicing digging on fears, resentments, illness, manifesting, the impossible, hardships, and more.

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