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Live your best life yet

International Healer, Coach, Instructor, Intuitive

"My specialty is helping clients empower themselves by identifying and releasing the root cause of problematic behaviors, repetitive patterns, and limiting beliefs, that block them from stepping into their true
passion, purpose, and infinite potential."

Mature Woman

International Healer, Coach, Instructor, Intuitive

My speciality is helping clients who are successful in their own right, yet feel a deep profound sense that there is so much more locked deep within . They are ready to uplevel and be of greater service, to step into their passion, their purpose, their infinite potential.

You may have gone through therapy for years, purchase one self-help book after the other, beautifully crafted journals to write down your heart’s wants, desires, hopes, dreams and goals , only to wake up one morning and realize nothing has changed.

With my 3 Month Coaching Program. Private 1|1 Mentoring, I help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

​Linda Reichert
Linda Reichert

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3 Month Coaching Program.
Private 1|1 Mentoring

This individually tailored program is for you if you are ready to transform your life. Live in alignment with your truth, and your souls purpose. This is a deeply cathartic process where we shift and change what no longer works for you.

This Program is right for you If you’ve been feeling stuck and and getting frustrated. Feeling as if nothing is changing or improving in your life. You may be recovering from a loss, longterm illiness, challenging divorce, feeling lost, insecure and unsure of how to move forward creating a new and empowered greater version of yourself. Lowering your standards, conforming, diming your own brilliant light, being less than you you truly are to make other people feel comfortable.

You have it all yet there’s a sense of loneliness, lack of self worth, confidence,and a desire to fulfill your Divine purpose. You know you deserve healthy loving relationships yet continue to attract relationships that aren’t in your best interest.

You can feel your soul calling out to you, to be and do more. You know there are past experiences, and limiting beliefs holding you back and you are ready to uplevel, to move beyond.

Mature Woman

Benefits Include but not Limited To

Enhancing creative flow.

Stepping into Your Own Power


Balance of Mind, Body and Emotions


Mental clairty.


Opening of the Heart.

Expanded capacity to receive.

Selfworth, self confidence, self love.

A happier more productive life.

You will receive 6, 60 Minute one on one 
Private Sessions via Zoom.
Sessions are scheduled twice per month for3 months.

My specialty is identifying and changing limiting subconscious and unconscious beliefs. Mental, emotional, genetic, ancestrial, repetitive patterning, problematic behaviors, or spiritual blocks, thus enabling, reprograming, and empowering clients so they can and do move forward.  Going from limited to limitless, accomplishing their goals, fulfilling their heart's desires, becoming their true authentic self, and living a life of infinite possibilities and potential.

3 Month Coaching Program Private 1|1 Mentoring. Schedule a clarity call today.

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