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Healing of the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

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Healing of the soul. Healing that which cannot be diagnosed. Align with your higher self. Strengthen your connection to Creator,  stand in your own true power.


Increasing your overall health and well-being, heal from illness and dis-ease.



Release negative life patterns, trauma, fear, abuse. Reclaim and embrace your true authentic self.


Enhance current relationships, release those that do not serve you. Attract your soulmate and soul family. Discover your infinite worth and Self Love.


We are constantly manifesting whether it’s for our good or our detriment With the ThetaHealing technique we can transform limiting beliefs and behaviors that have held you back from creating an abundant life.  

Upcoming Seminars March - April, 2020
Louisville, Kentucky

Rainbow Children/Adult
Mar 20-23, 2020.  Fri-Mon

Basic DNA

Mar 27-29, 2020.  Fri-Sun


Advanced DNA

Apr 3-5, 2020.  Fri-Sun

Dig Deeper 
Apr 11-12, 2020.  Sat-Sun 

Manifesting and Abundance
Apr 18-19, 2020. Sat-Sun

Rhythm to Your Perfect Weight

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Intuitive Anatomy 

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Disease & Disorder 

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World Relations 

Feb 17-21, 2020

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While you're in town taking your Theta Healing seminar, be sure to check out all the cool things Louisville has to offer!