Theta Healing Student

"Linda is a gentle soul who created a beautiful learning space for me while I learned Basic DNA.  During the three day course, Linda exuded expert knowledge for the process by allowing a natural unfoldment of the teachings combined with her intuition.  I felt confident in Linda providing a solid foundation for me to build my practice, while also allowing room for my questions and curiosity.  Linda embodies deep care and love for those who seek her guidance in being students on the Theta Healing path.  As I embark on this path, it was an honor meeting her and having the chance to learn from her.  I am forever grateful." 


I can’t tell you enough how amazing Linda Reichert is! Every healing or reading has been spot on! She has a knack for knowing just how to solve and heal a problem or a health issue. I am never disappointed when I work with Linda. Every one of us has a talent or gift and this sweet astute lady has buckets full of each. The most important thing about Linda is her kind heart. I am so grateful to have her in my life. I know Creator put us together. Blessings and light! Sherine

NYC Artist

Thank you for our powerful session right before the new year.  I have seen the impact it has made into clearing negative mental patterns as well as feeling physically stronger than I have in some time.  


Local Doctor

I enjoyed our experience and I thank you for it!  I have also had more abundance with new patients here recently and I find myself leaning into a direction I have visualized for years more recently as well.  Again,  thank you for introducing me to Theta healing and I will pass your info along to others!

Grateful Mother Jodi

It is hard to find the words to encapture all of the blessings that Linda and Theta Healing have brought to our lives.

Hello... I am the Mother of a 21 yr old daughter who has suffered from 2 of the rarest GI disorders since she was 13 yrs old. The previous 8 yrs before Theta Healing were the darkest and loneliest years for my precious girl. She was severely underweight, in chronic pain 24/7, unable to eat without forcing herself and with absolutely no enjoyment. She was spending close to 18 hrs a day in bed due to her pain and lack of energy. She had not left the house in over 5 years due to her risk of illness and extreme fatigue that came with being underweight and in severe pain....

Kiera Rianne

I can honestly say that, without a doubt, ThetaHealing has saved my life. I do not use the word miracle lightly, but, through Linda and the Creator, a miracle is exactly what has taken place for me. When I was 13 years old I began a very long and traumatic journey with one of the rarest life threatening Gastrointestinal  disorders known as SMA Syndrome. I'm now 21 years old and I've spent the last eight years battling this chronic illness, for the most part just struggling to survive though each day. I've been on feeding tubes, had two surgeries and spent every single day in constant pain. I've been bedridden for a large part of the last 5 years, only ever leaving the house for medical emergencies and doctors visits...

Linda Reichert

Healer heal thyself, right?  Lol.  I put water in a pot and put it on the stove to boil to make a cup of tea. I was preoccupied with what I was doing at the time, and forgot about the water boiling on the stove.  Once I remembered, it had been boiling for a while.  I got the tea cup; this cup had no handle on it, so I was holding it cradled in between my thumb and index finger. I had no idea just how preoccupied with my thoughts I was until I poured the water and missed the cup and poured it on my hand.  OMG that was not pleasant. That area of my hand was getting redder and redder and more painful by the nanosecond.  I put my hand under cold running water as fast as I could.  In those split seconds I had  so many thoughts running through my head like, what am I going to do, this is pretty bad, it’s getting worse by the minute etc.…Than I remember, I’m a healer, I should be able to heal this.  In that same moment I wondered if I could block out the pain long enough so I could do a healing on myself.   I could and I did.  I could block the pain for short periods of time      (like a minute or two) so I’d do the healing for a couple minutes and then run my hand back under the water for a couple more minutes.   I did that a few times. Eventually the pain was lessening.  I still hurt but not as badly.  My hand was so red; I thought for sure it was going to blister up.  I spent a few more minutes doing a healing on it and then within hours I forgot about it because it didn’t hurt. Yes that’s right I didn’t think about my hand anymore because it didn't hurt.  After that, I totally forgot that I burned part of my hand until weeks later when that  part of my hand looked really weird; the skin was rough and cracked.  It looked like a dried out piece of leather. For a few minutes I couldn’t figure out what happen to it because  the rest of my hand was fine.  It was then that I remembered how badly I burned that area of my hand a couple weeks ago and it was also when I realized how powerful my own healing was.  My hand never blistered, and it never hurt again after I finished doing the healing on it that day. The rough dried cracked skin healed with the use of hand lotion and there is no scarring."


"I want to thank you soooooooo much for your outstanding work the other day......You are amazing.

I look forward to working with you again soon as I adjust to a new reality.......The night of the session I had no heart palpitations, after 2 intense months of them, and massive downloads all night long....I felt there was a huge team of doctors present......I truly want health and will do all I need to get it.....including healing the underlying issues, which is the most important cause, of which you covered so many in our session.  Thanks for being such a beautiful caring truly meant the world to me in my difficult transition out of Santa Barbara county.


Perfect health wealth and wisdom 2 u always,

I will highly recommend you.


Deep bow for now,

Talk 2 u soon,"

Rainbeaux, Santa Barbara, CA

"Linda is truly an angel sent from Heaven! She has such a beautiful air of grace and compassion, wisdom, healing and love... After working with Linda, I feel a million times lighter, brighter, and simply more me! She helps you to let go of all that is not you, and everything that has been weighing you down and keeps you from flying with your true angel wings... she helps you to bring out your inner diamond and she gives you wings to fly as the truest, highest, most angelic, luminous version of yourself. She simply makes you feel amazing and heals you on every possible level! She is medicine for the heart and for the soul. She is also just the sweetest, kindest and loveliest person you would ever want to meet. I am truly blown away by her healing gifts... She is not to be missed! "Theta healing is the most powerful, profound, and immediate modality of healing I have ever come across and Linda is truly a Master and a Queen of this miraculous modality... simply put, she is a miracle worker!  Please do yourself a favor and schedule a session with Linda today! You won't regret it!" 



JC, New York, New York

"Linda is a truly gifted healer! Together, we perform a sort of gentle, safe energetic surgery that dislodges and lifts unhealthy thought patterns right out of my life.  This work has given me the gift of hope and confidence that I can heal and thrive. A powerful intuitive and peaceful soul, Linda puts you on a path to freedom."

Anonymous, USA

"Several years ago, things were really intense for me, and I felt like I just didn’t want to be here anymore.  I knew of the work that Linda did, and called her and opened up to her.  She heard what I was saying and what I wasn’t saying.  She really listened and cared.  She did a healing on me right then.  I started to feel a change when she was working on me.  I felt a little better.  The next day when I woke up, I felt like a different person.  I woke up wanting to live and experience life again.  Thank you for shifting my death wishes and suicidal thoughts.  May you always be blessed."

Jaime H​

"Linda has a gift for getting to the root of what is troubling you. She is kind, yet focused in her work and able to clear blockages that you knew you were holding you back, as well as those you were totally unaware of. She uses her great intuitive sense to heal as well as open new doorways. I am deeply appreciative of the work she has done for and with me. I recommend her highly."


Sales Rep, Santa Barbara CA

"My family and I were renting a nice house in a beautiful part of town.  After we moved in and got settled  we noticed there was  a creepy feeling in the house, especially in the bedroom where I was sleeping. We kept windows opened,  even though it was  cold.  We burned incense  to get rid of the feeling, but it never went away.  I called Linda, to see if there was anything she could do to change it.  We set up and appointment and she came over and went through every room in the house, including the garage and cleared the energy and sent the wayward spirits to the light.  We were all relieved.  Thanks Linda."

Daughter, Tokyo Japan

"Thank you Linda for helping me clear issues I had with my parents."

Actor / Singer Beirut, Lebanon

"Linda, thank you for healing my back pain."

New Orleans, Louisiana

"Thank you Linda for opening up my psychic centers.  My intuition is coming in much stronger!"

Retired Bookkeeper, Orlando Florida

"I called Linda for a session to activate my DNA.  As soon as she was finished I felt my spine that was crooked, straighten. Thank you Linda, you are an angel."

Young Professional, Los Angeles California

"I reached out to Linda because I kept attracting the same kind of men into my life that weren’t the best for me.  My relationships always ended the same way, on a bad note.  After one session with Linda she was able to clear the pattern I had for  my entire life.  I am happy to say that I am now attracting men into my life that are more in alignment with who I am.  Thank you Linda.

Laborer, Michigan

I’m not sure how I came to know about Linda. I was guided to her in some way.  I was going through the worst part of my life.  My wife passed away from her  long battle with cancer and I was devastated, angry and resentful.  I had no idea what I needed or what Linda could do for me, but I reached out, I needed help. To this day, it still  blows  my mind. By the time my session was over,   I released the guilt I’d been carrying, I wasn’t angry anymore, I had a greater understanding of it all and was at peace.  I was able to see the gift in the worst time of my life. Thank you Linda, I am forever grateful."

Artist, Ojai California

"I own a  home and for 3 years have not been able to sleep in my bedroom because of bad / negative energy in there. I sleep on my couch in the living room.  At various times I brought different energy healers in, that were top in their field of clearing space of negative energies, to clear my room and it  didn’t work.  Nothing cleared, I still couldn’t sleep in my bedroom. When I spoke with Linda,  she said she could clear my bedroom, I was skeptical, to say the least.  She came over and not only did she clear my bedroom, she cleared my land and was able to explain to me what was going on.  I slept in my bedroom, in my bed from that night on. She really is  the real deal. From my heart to yours, thank you Linda."

Entrepreneur, North Carolina

"Our little four year old was having nightmares for a long time, repeatedly.  After one theta session with Linda her nightmares stopped.  We are very grateful. Thank you Linda!"

Architect, Hawaii, California

"Being of a scientific mind, at first I was doubtful that DNA activation or theta healing could do anything for me. I was not at all expecting it, but the theta healing I had with Linda Reichert was profoundly life improving. While I was ready and eager to have healing in my life, the theta healing process healed several problems I was not even aware of. Many of the issues I had been unable to resolve after seeing a psychotherapist for more than a year were either completely resolved or greatly improved. I approached theta healing and DNA activation with a skeptical attitude, but my desire for healing was greater than my skepticism, and I am so glad it was! Several blockages I had in my life were removed, and so quickly! Linda is a gifted empath, and saw problems immediately that my psychotherapist took months to understand. I am deeply grateful for having been introduced to Linda, and her amazing level of professional and psychic skill."

Dental Hygienist

"Thetahealing has been life changing for me. I came to Linda with a medical issue and through her healing my lab results actually made a huge improvement. Theta healing has given me a new awakening filled with a sense of lightness, love and appreciation. Thank you Linda!”

Chiropractor, Santa Barbara California

“After just a single Theta healing session with Linda I felt a profound shift in my life! She is extremely intuitive and uses these innate skills with tremendous love and compassion to help others heal from inside-out. I truly enjoyed working with Linda and learned a great deal about myself and belief systems in our hour and a half session. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make shifts in their own belief systems so that they can begin to heal. Linda is kind, generous, and operates from her heart space; she is a true treasure in the Santa Barbara community!”

House wife, and Mother Boston Massachusetts

“I am so grateful to have met Linda and for the sessions I have had with her. I had a feeling it would be life changing, but I couldn’t really imagine feeling better or just how much my subconscious beliefs were directing my life. I have always, since I was little, had pretty much no self-worth. I don’t know why. I wanted to be invisible and did not plan anything in my life because I didn’t feel like a person, the best way I can describe it. I could function in life but did not really feel like I was living. Now, I feel like a different person. My relationships, especially my two closest ones with my husband and sister, have gotten so much better. I don’t put myself down in conversations. I even walk differently. My life is already changing for the better. I am thinking about the direction I want my life to go in and I’m beginning to manifest people and things that are in alignment with it. I used to always be in panic mode and worrying, expecting something bad to happen. That is no longer my inclination. My life has really shifted and now I can feel my own power.Linda is such a compassionate, wise person. She patiently listened to me and got excited with me as we uncovered what lay beneath what I was thinking and feeling. I enjoyed our sessions and feel so grateful for the work she did with me.”

Sales Manager, Los Angeles California​

"I’m not a believer in that things happen for a reason, I believe that we are put in others paths to help each other out I searched the web for theta healing but Linda’s page gave me a sense of comfort and hope. When I first contacted Linda I was a mess I was anxious and I couldn’t even recall who I was anymore, Linda sensing my desperate need scheduled a Theta Healing session for the next day. After my session with Linda I felt such a sense of relief as though the ton of bricks I had been carrying had now disappeared and my life seemed to make more sense than it had in the past three months. I cannot even begin to express the great fortune I had in coming across her page and in dealing with such a lovely, honest and caring person such as she is. I know that I am on the road to recovery and I know that with time and creators help I will create a better life and future for myself as well as that of my son. I can comprehend that I don’t have to be in control of every situation and that we all choose our own paths and we must grow as individuals in order to succeed. I am not fearful anymore of where my life is headed because I know it will be headed in the right direction towards Joy, Happiness and Success. Thank You Linda so much. You have not only turned into someone who has helped me a great deal but also in a friend. Thank you."