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Intro Offer

2 Privates for 



*$32 savings. New Students only. Offer valid for one person one time only. 

To schedule a Private Pilates Training Session Please contact here 

Availability Limited 

There will be a few time slots opening early August.


Professional One-on-One Training with Linda

  • Fast comprehensive results

  • Rehabilitation

  • Improved function of activities of daily living

  • Increased range of motion

  • Improved balance

  • Improved coordination

  • Increased spine and hip flexibility

  • Increased abdominal strength

  • Correct posture

  • Injury prevention

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Enhanced sense-of-self and well-being

  • Deeper awareness, understanding, and connection between mind and body.

Professional One-on-One Training


Training takes place in a private location within the Crescent Centre Community

at 3rd and Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.

Pilates Reformer: we will be working on the reformer where we can perform a 

variety of exercises which increase overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful and efficient movement, and for many, relief from the pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.


$65 single private (55min)

$300 for a 5pack of privates ($60 per class)

$550 for a 10 pack of privates ($55 per class)


Linda reserves the right to refuse service.

Specialties & Certifications 

Since the early 1990’s Linda’s work, as a Muscular Therapist, had been specializing in Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation.


What Linda finds the most rewarding is working with clientele that are working to overcome their own personal physical challenges and limitations, albeit  (ADL) activities of daily living, rehab, balance, coordination, or posture.

By working with Linda, you’ll discover deeper awareness, understanding,  integration, and connectedness to the mind-body connection. Together, you’ll work to overcome physical challenges and limitations so that you can reach your maximum full potential.

Linda is trained in the IM=X Pilates method.


Linda is amazing. I have been seeing her for Pilates just every two weeks for the past three months and I feel a 100% improvement in my posture. When I walk I feel not as humped over as a did before. I have mild Scoliosis in my spine and nothing has made me feel straighter then what

I'm getting from Linda's classes.



Change Advocate 

I have weekly classes with Linda. She is absolutely excellent!  I have a serious back problem and I trust Linda to understand and listen to my concerns. She’s extremely knowledgeable about Pilates and the body. My private lessons with Linda have helped greatly diminish my back pain, increase my flexibility and strengthen my core for better balance.  Linda is a patient and caring instructor. She designs your sessions for maximum results without exposing you to any type of pain or injury. 

Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with her today.



I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower back and hip so my doctor suggested I take Pilates.  I was lucky to find Linda!  I had never taken Pilates before so thought it prudent to take private classes. So glad I did. Right away I felt Linda's loving spirit and concern. She was always watchful of how I held my body, correcting what I was doing wrong, reminding me to breathe, at the same time encouraging me so I would finish my set. Linda always asked how my body felt. (If my back or neck were hurting we would work around them.) She would ask what I felt my body needed that day...stretching, upper body work, lower body work, etc. and we would go from there. I loved that we worked the whole body at each session.


Soon after starting classes I found myself standing taller, feeling stronger and just being more aware of my body and still do today. My osteoporosis hasn't gone away but I feel my abs and body are quite stronger and this has helped how I feel. You are the best!!

Thank you, Linda.  I will miss you!


Linda is an excellent instructor for Pilates Reformer. I appreciated that she was always careful to engage me in a safe workout that continued to build on previous lessons. Every workout was customized to build strength and all around body wellness. I highly recommend her as a positive and expert Pilates instructor.


I had been told for years by family and friends how wonderful pilates was. My sister and best friend were constantly encouraging me to try Pilates. My mom had a friend who had done pilates all her adult life (this was before it was so popular) and continued into her 80’s with her regimen.  I had tried yoga and I wasn’t a gym person so when I got really sick of being stiff in the mornings a few years ago I decided to try it. It was perfect timing because my friend had heard about Linda from a friend of hers. She signed up and raved to me about Linda so I signed up for my first block of private pilates lessons.  Linda is a wonderful pilates teacher. She knows her client's strengths and weaknesses and caters to the individual’s abilities. I feel very fortunate that Linda was there for my introduction to Pilates! I feel so much stronger, flexible and calmer.  Linda is also a very spiritual person which is part of the reason why I enjoyed her private classes so much. She brings a calming energy to the world.  
Best to you Linda in your new location and adventure!