It is hard to find the words to encapture all of the blessings that Linda and Theta Healing have brought to our lives.

Hello... I am the Mother of a 21 yr old daughter who has suffered from 2 of the rarest GI disorders since she was 13 yrs old. The previous 8 yrs before Theta Healing were the darkest and loneliest years for my precious girl. She was severely underweight, in chronic pain 24/7, unable to eat without forcing herself and with absolutely no enjoyment. She was spending close to 18 hrs a day in bed due to her pain and lack of energy. She had not left the house in over 5 years due to her risk of illness and extreme fatigue that came with being underweight and in severe pain.

...The only enjoyment that my girl had before Theta Healing was reading. She would read anything she could to escape the reality that was her daily life. In my trips to the bookstore for her, I would look for books that would help her continue on her spiritual path and provide faith and comfort to her during her long, lonely days. I let the books speak to me. I looked for stories that provided hope for what seemed a futile future of pain and misery.

Enter Theta Healing! The moment Kiera picked up the book and read Vianna's story on the back cover, her whole world started to shift. She instantly felt this was her chance for complete Healing. It was a bit overwhelming in the beginning trying to choose a healer but once we narrowed it down to a select few with Vianna's help, Linda was the obvious choice for my Warrior. The first time Kiera spoke to Linda she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Linda and Theta Healing were about to change her life in the grandest of ways. Linda's soft spoken voice was filled with SO much love and light and comfort and security that my angel felt instantly safe and at peace in her presence. She was not wrong. Since Kiera and Linda's first session, the bond that she has formed with Linda can only be described as family now.

Linda and The Creator have transformed our lives in ways I could never have even dreamed were possible!!! Kiera is free from pain and suffering. She is free of anxiety and worry. She is able to eat without pain and once again enjoy a variety of foods like she hasn't been able to in almost 10 years. She is able to leave the house and enjoy being outside in nature. which she loves so much. My daughter is so full of love and light! She is the most enlightened, spiritual, loving soul that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing except maybe Linda. Theta Healing has provided so much healing, comfort, clarity, love, enlightenment and safety that Kiera knows it is her destiny to become a Theta Healer and help others the way Linda has helped her to change her core beliefs and programs and truly enjoy living every day to the fullest again! We are BEYOND GRATEFUL to Theta Healing for completely transforming our lives and releasing us from the pain and fear that had become our everyday reality.

This knowledge was solidified 6 weeks after Kiera's sessions were complete. My daughter being so enlightened and in such a beautiful, peaceful place, decided to continue down her spiritual path. Without realizing her own power, she got lost in her travels after days of restless sleep and woke up on the 5th night not knowing who or where she was. Within 15 min of waking me out of a dead sleep, Kiera was completely catatonic and unable to speak or move, the fear that was gripping her was so paralyzing. I was terrified and knew that Linda was the only one who could help. Once I was able to reach Linda and get her on the speaker phone, Kiera was not able to speak at all and could only write "Psychotic break".

She was so lost in her mind that if not for Linda being there and able to ground her and get her back in her body, my beautiful sweet daughter would have been carried off to a psych ward to be medicated and most likely never be the same again.

Theta Healing and Linda saved her not once but TWICE!!!!

I will never be able to thank Linda or Theta Healing enough for the blessings and the beautiful pain free life my daughter is now living every day. Our lives are filled with so much love, gratitude, peace, joy, and fulfillment. My daughter knows in her heart the Abiding Presence of who she truly is and she is going to make it her life's work to help others find their way, the way Linda and Creator helped her to find hers.

With so much Love and Gratitude to Theta Healing and Linda -


Grateful Mother Jodi


I can honestly say that, without a doubt, ThetaHealing has saved my life. I do not use the word miracle lightly, but, through Linda and the Creator, a miracle is exactly what has taken place for me. When I was 13 years old I began a very long and traumatic journey with one of the rarest life threatening Gastrointestinal  disorders known as SMA Syndrome. I'm now 21 years old and I've spent the last eight years battling this chronic illness, for the most part just struggling to survive though each day. I've been on feeding tubes, had two surgeries and spent every single day in constant pain. I've been bedridden for a large part of the last 5 years, only ever leaving the house for medical emergencies and doctors visits.


Over the past two years my health has somewhat stabilized and I've been able to, on my own, gain back the weight that I had lost throughout my illness (as low as 55lbs at one point). But even through gaining weight my pain and symptoms barely improved. I was still experiencing severe pain with eating and drinking anything, being unable to move for at least 18 hours after my meal. My abdomen was painfully bloated and full at all times and with all the damage done to my digestive system I was unable to move my bowels without laxatives. Needless to say, I was miserable and at a loss as to how to move forward. Then, through a series of divine synchronicity, I found ThetaHealing and Linda. It has been two months now since our first session, eight sessions in total, and the changes that have taken place are truly and unbelievably remarkable. Not even one week after my first session I was able to completely change my diet. I had been eating the same meal every day for the last two years and was literally sick of it but had too much fear to change it. I now eat a different meal every day and am actually beginning to enjoy the taste of food for the first time since before my illness began. As soon as I changed my diet my pain from eating was drastically less! I still experience some discomfort with eating but Linda and I continue to work on it and it's so much better compared to what the pain was like before. One day after I decided to change my diet I also decided to completely go off laxatives, something I never thought possible or was even considering trying before then, due to fear. But I did it! I haven't taken a single laxative since and I haven't needed to! Truly incredible for me! In the next couple sessions, Linda helped me to, among many other things, rearrange all the organs in my abdomen, which had all been compressed and pushed down toward my pelvis due to my illness.


This resulted in not only having more room in my abdomen but also visible physical changes. My stomach is now  flat and for the most part remains that way. Whereas before it would bloat tremendously after I ate, taking all night to relieve at all and never fully subsiding. With all this improvement my days have drastically changed. I'm able to get up 3 hours earlier than I was before, and I've started leaving the house! At the time of my first session with Linda I literally hadn't  left the house in over a year and a half. It's been two months now and I've been to get my hair cut at a professional salon, gone for a drive with my mom to a town an hour away, gone clothes shopping, grocery shopping multiple times, and gone to the farmers market! I've also had my annual doctors appointment where I was declared perfectly healthy and just recently had my first physical therapy appointment to rebuild muscle and help my body repair from all the years I've spent in bed.


All these amazing changes have taken place as a result of Linda helping me to bring up and release deep seated trauma that I've incurred throughout my illness. Psychological, emotional, and physical trauma that I would have not been able to heal from on my own. Programs and subconscious beliefs of fear, anger, resentment, even hatred, and many many other things I never even knew were there let alone how to go about healing them. But, through Linda and the Creator, profound healing of these traumas has taken place in an unbelievably short amount of time. It's been only two months and the clearing of trauma so far has truly given me my life back.


I know there's still more there to clear for me, it's been a long, hard eight years of trauma and illness, but Linda continues to be there. Never judging, completely accepting and understanding, and always unwavering in her ability to put me at ease and make me feel like I'm talking to a dear friend, which she has now become to me. I hope that someone will find strength and hope in these words and that I have conveyed how truly miraculous ThetaHealing has been and continues to be for me.


I am so blessed and incredibly inspired that I myself have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to becoming a ThetaHealer so that I can one day be there for someone the way Linda continues to be there for me. There will never be words strong enough to express my gratitude to her and the Creator. My life is forever changed for the better. 


Thank you ThetaHealing 

Thank you Linda


Thank You Creator


Blessed Be All

~ Kiera Rianne