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Linda Reichert

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

Master, Instructor & Practitioner.

Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer

Throughout my life, I have always felt a higher calling. I had an intense desire to discover and understand the truth in all things around and within me. Literally, it didn’t’ feel “right” for me to accept—and possibly be limited by—other people’s perceptions of what was true or truth, nor could I blindly accept society’s dictates on how things are, or how they’re “supposed” to be.  In my quest for deeper knowledge and wisdom, I developed a lifelong passion for guiding others and helping them reap the benefits of their own unique gifts. There are myriad forms of healing available, and I have studied and explored a wide variety of practices, discovering along the way that I have an uncommon passion, and facility, for the metaphysical. The realization that there is so much more beyond what is perceived by our five senses is what led me to the study of metaphysics. There is a Divine intelligence; a Divine wisdom; a Divine consciousness;  a Creator—a spirit that intertwines and binds all things together in this universe, which makes all things possible. 

It’s through my own personal journey of continuous expansion, evolution, and achievement that I have found acceptance, balance, love, compassion, healing, knowledge, mercy, wisdom, wonder, and my true vocation. I am a leader, a healer, a teacher. I advise and assist people in their quest to empower themselves and transform their lives by achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The technique I use to do this is called ThetaHealing. It’s non-invasive, (we work over the phone or skype) quick, and has profound results. 


I've listed several things (there is so much more) here to give you an idea of what I can help you move through and clear through the work, that I do: abuse, illness, trauma, fear, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders,  healing a broken heart or soul retrieval.  You could be feeling disconnected, lost, or suicidal. Feelings of victimization and betrayal. Would you like to obtain greater levels of confidence, self-worth, self-esteem or prosperity?  Together we heal the areas of your mind, body, heart, and soul that require support. I can safely help you release buried and repressed emotions, beliefs, and repetitive negative behaviors, patterns, and thoughts using the theta healing technique.  Healing our inner wounds is life changing.  It will give you a greater sense of clarity, balance, joy, lightheartedness, purpose, adventure, confidence, self-worth and love. I can also help you uncover and clear the blocks that are keeping you from creating and manifesting your heart’s wants and desires. 


When it comes to love, do you find you’re still energetically connected to past relationships, whether they were good or bad? Are trying to move forward, yet allowing your past experiences to be they good or bad, define your future?  Are you holding onto feelings of rejection, resentment, regrets or guilt toward yourself or others? Are you allowing yourself to receive? Is your heart open? Oftentimes, the most profound and longest journey is the distance from our head to our heart. My purpose is to support you through your journey and help you heal yourself, which will allow you to be a fully empowered, best version of your true authentic self. 

My Path to Becoming a Healer  

I started in the early 1990s as a Muscular Therapist, specializing in Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation.  A few years later I learned about Reiki and incorporated that into my life and my muscular therapy practice.  I went on to become a Reiki Master in the mid-1990s.  Over the years, I worked with thousands of people from all walks of life; High profile clientele, professional athletes and everyday people. In 1999, I was directed by Divine Guidance to relocate. I left my circle of family and friends in Massachusetts and headed to California, in search of spiritual growth and a better understanding of my own path in life. This new life path introduced me to Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga, which I studied under the watchful eye of the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing®. Later, I was introduced to ThetaHealing.  Soon after, I realized this was an integral piece of my calling which transformed both my life and the lives of my clients. From 2005 through the present moment I continue to work and study with the founder of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal.  Today, I am recognized as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Instructor, Master & Certificate of Science, the highest designation that can be achieved in ThetaHealing. I continue to incorporate the latest teachings and practices into my life each day and into those souls who I've been fortunate enough to touch with an open heart, a gentle sense of humor, compassion, and empathy.