Invite Linda to bring ThetaHealing to You

Linda travels and teaches ThetaHealing practitioner seminars both privately in a one-on-one tutorial setting, as well as in groups, that will be customized to your specific needs and learning styles.


If you would like to learn ThetaHealing and are unable to, or prefer not to travel, and are great at organizing a group of like minded individuals, it would be my pleasure and honor to travel to you here in the United States or Abroad to share Theta Healing with you.. 


What’s required of a Host


Seminar Venue: The Host is responsible for providing a safe and comfortable environment for the students and instructor that is clean, and free from distractions or interruptions.

Food and Beverages: The Host is responsible for providing beverages (water, coffee, teas) and light snacks for the morning and afternoon class breaks.

Students: It is the Hosts responsibility to promote the seminar and bring in students.  As the instructor, I will work together with you to do this.


Benefits of Hosting a Seminar or a Series of seminars.


Hosting usually make money when hosting a seminar.  There is a deposit fee (TBD) that student’s pay that goes to the host.  This deposit fee is used by the Host to cover the expense of the venue, snacks, beverages, promoting the seminar etc.

The Host usually receives the seminar/s as complimentary, provided there is the required number of paying students enrolled for each seminar.  That number varies, dependent upon the seminar/s and travel required.