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Heal from illness, a broken heart, trauma, abuse, fears, phobias, PTSD, anger, hatred, prejudice, regrets, resentments, rejection, guilt and abandonment.  Increase confidence, worthiness, self-esteem and prosperity. Improve your relationships, reclaim your true self and active your DNA. 

​Linda is a ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, Master, Instructor and Practitioner and teaches classes throughout the US and Abroad.  If you would like more information about hosting a class in your State or Country please reach out.


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Soul Retrieval

Just like we have a human body that can be broken; we sometimes accumulate emotional issues to the extent that cracks begin to form in the energy field of the soul.

Sometimes life can become so intense in this illusion of reality that people become overwhelmed with the harshness of this existence and all the terrible things that have happened to us.  They become despondent and feel empty inside to the very core of their being.  Some people would rather die to heal their soul because it has become so broken.

Extreme physical and emotional illness can break the spirit causing damage to the soul.  Our spirit is different from our soul. Our spirit is inside our body, our soul is everything that we are. Some of the things in addition to extreme physical and emotional illness that cause the soul to be broken are abuse, combat, grief, loss and trauma.

It’s through using the ThetaHealing technique that we can retrieve, recreate and heal your broken soul. It would be my honor to help you heal and transform yourself, thus allowing you to get back to you being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. 


Chakra Balancing

This chakra balancing mini session is designed for people that feel like they are out of alignment and can use a quick power boost. Chakras can be super healthy and vibrant, and they can also be over-activated, under-activated, depleted or congested.  Chakra's will be aligned and balanced. 


Benefits of chakra balancing include but are not limited to; bringing an optimal flow of energy through each of your chakras, and create balance in the sense that the energy is more evenly distributed,  greater clarity, focus, balance, calm, rejuvenation and a greater sense of overall well-being 


This is a 15 minute session done via phone or skype anywhere in the World.  If you’d like to have your chakras balanced, I’d be happy to be of service.