DNA Activation


It would be my pleasure to activate your DNA for you. 


What is activation?

It’s waking up our DNA to our highest potential.

How do I activate it?
There are 3 ways you can be activated

  • Earth Schumann Waves will activate it

  • Group conscience, after enough people have been activated.

  • You or someone else can activate it Below are the instructions


Chapter Twenty-Six from the book ThetaHealing

The DNA Activation Technique
Awakening the Masters

The DNA Activation allows us to survive the environmental poisons created by man, as well as accelerates our psychic senses. As a species, we are now evolving and are waking up dormant parts of our spiritual DNA. The DNA activation is now becoming a part of the Earth’s collective consciousness. Enough people have been activated so that it happens spontaneously to people without having it done by a practitioner. Most people have already intuitively activated themselves.

The Dream into Reality
Vianna was told by the Creator that if enough people have the Activation, then the whole of the earth's consciousness will move up in its vibration. When this happens people will automatically be Activated from the collective consciousness that we all share. Vianna believes that the Activation will happen automatically in 12 to 24 years in the future. With the Activation and other techniques in the Theta Healing book, we have been given an opportunity from the Creator to use our intuitive abilities in the next phase of our evolution. This evolution is the next level of human consciousness.

The Activation of the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes is described in such detail so that it is witnessed and brought into reality. In the Activation, we are activating strands to the DNA and its existing 46 chromosomes in what will be explained as the Master Cell of the brain. The mitochondrial DNA is also activated. The Activation is a gift from the Creator as an opening to your intuitive gifts. From the moment that the Activation was done upon Vianna, her life began to change.