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Linda Reichert.

Theta Healing® Instructor Certifications  

DNA 4 Practitioners 2023. Kauai Hawaii.

Planes of Existence 2 Practitioners 2021

Recertified Certificate of Science 2021.
DNA 3 Instructors. 2021.
Planes of Existence Instructors. 2021.
You & the Earth Instructors. 2021.
You & Your Inner Circle Instructors. 2021.
You & Your Significant Other Instructors. 2021.
You & the Creator Instructors. 2021.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors. 2021.
Dig Deeper Instructors. 2018.
Theta Healing Certification of Science. 2016
DNA 3 Instructors. 2016
Disease & Disorders Instructors. 2016.
World Relations Instructors. 2016.
Theta Healing Masters. 2014.
Intuitive Anatomy Instructors. 2014.
Rainbow Children Instructors. 2012.
Soul Mate Instructors. 2011.
Rhythm Instructors. 2011.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors. 2011.
Advanced DNA Instructors. 2011.
Basic DNA Instructors. 2011.

Additional Training and Experience

Performed Pre- Inter- and Post-Event Muscular Therapy along with General First Aid for Thermal Regulatory Dysfunctions, Psychosocial Support, and Organization and Administration of the following special events. 1991-1999

Tokunoshima Triathlon, Japan. 1995

Coordinated Massage team for:

Nation Wheelchair & Amputee Championships (qualifier for 1996 Para Olympics) Tokunoshima Triathlon, Japan, Disney World Marathon. Florida. Boston Marathon 1994, Wheelchair Athletes, 1993 Special Olympics,1993 Boston Marathon, 1992, Lowell Marathon, 1992 Coors Biathlon 1992 Hoyt Trek Across America (as seen on Wide World of Sport ) sole therapist for 6 weeks. New England

Triathlon Series, Falmouth Road Race, IAAF World Cross Country Championship, Dana Faber Cancer Institute, Boston Marathon, 1991

4th Annual Firefighters Trans-New Hampshire Ride for Muscular Dystrophy.

Past Affiliation Organizations

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 1991-2000

National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), 1992 - 2012.

Nation Sports Massage Team 1995 – 2001.

Board Member National Wheelchair & Amputee Association 1995.

Past Volunteer Work

MCKS Feed Your Soul, Recording for the Blind and Dyslectic, Visiting Nurse Hospice Care, World Business Academy.

Theta Healing® Practitioner Certifications

Planes of Existence 2. 2021.
Plants. 2021.
You & Your Significant Other. 2021.
You & the Earth. 2018.
You & Your Inner Circle. 2018.
You & the Creator. 2018.
The Body Sings. 2017.
Wealth Consciousness. 2015.
Animals. 2014.
Dig Deeper. 2014.
Planes of Existence. 2014.
Game of Life. 2013.
DNA 3. 2012.
Disease & Disorders. 2012.
World Relations. 2012.
Intuitive Anatomy. 2012.
Rhythm. 2011.
Soul Mate. 2009.
Manifesting & Abundance. 2007.
Advanced DNA. 2005.
Basic DNA. 2005.

Other Certifications

Visiting Nurse Hospice Care Volunteer Training Program - 2013
NCBTMB, National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Board Approved Provider - Spring 2013 – 2017.
IM=X Pilates (Integrated Movement equals Xercise) Certification - 2011-2012
Basic, Advanced through Super Advanced Floor and Reformer AFPA Pilates Instructor American Fitness Professionals - 2008
Certified Personal Trainer. National Council of Strength & Fitness - 2004
Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing, Institute for Inner Studies, -  2000 – 2005
MCKS Pranic Healing® - March 2000

MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing® - March 2000

MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy® March 2000

Crystal Healing® August 2000

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Preparatory® November 2000
MCKS Kriyshakti® July 2001

MCKS Higher Clairvoyance® November 2001

MCKS Sexual Alchemy® November 2001

MCKS Pranic Corporate & Personal Success Management® July 2003

MCKS Pranic Psychic Self Defense® June 2004

MCKS Pranic Feng Shui® July 2004

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1-2 November 2004

MCKS Om Mani Padme Hum

 MCKS Inner Christianity Revealed

MCKS Spiritual Essence of Man

MCKS Inner Buddhism Revealed
Certificate Sexuality Issues in Working with the Seriously Ill. December 2000
Certified Archetypes & Sacred Contracts with Caroline Myss, Ph.D. - 1999
Active Isolated Stretching certificate 1998

Reiki Level 1 through Reiki Master Teacher 1995 - 1997

Manual Lymph Drainage Basic, Dr. Vodder, Schule-Walchsee MTI, Cambridge MA,1994
Muscular Therapy Institute, (MTI) Cambridge Massachusetts, 2-year program, Certificate in Muscular Therapy1991-1993
One year Advanced Training in: Injuries, Soft Tissue, Muscle, Tendons, Ligaments, Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist/Hand, Low Back, Hip, Thigh, Knee, Low Leg, Ankle and Foot 1992-1993

Assessment & Treatment of Headaches. Dr. Ben Benjamin MTI. Cambridge 1992


MA. Neck Pain, Robert King, MTI and Chicago Ill. Passive Body, Sarah Miot MTI, Cambridge MA. 1991

Myotherapy, Bonnie Prudden, Interface, Cambridge MA. Restoration and Rehabilitation, Dr. Myk Hungerford of Costa
Mesa CA Sports Massage Training Institute. Sports Massage, Carol Kresge, MTI Cambridge MA. Additional training in Communications, Anatomy, Physiology, and Victims of Sexual Abuse, MTI Cambridge MA.1992-

on Private practice in therapeutic and sports massage, and soft tissue injury rehabilitation. 1991-2012​

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